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Scaled and normalized appropriately, this metric has ended up becoming the cornerstone of many successful attempts at quantifying and measuring customer experience.

How are Companies Reviewing the Shopping Experience from the Eyes of the People Doing It

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Companies often struggle with a disconnect. They simply assume they know what the customer wants. Their great success has led them towards overconfidence in this area. They can simply address any problem with resoluteness because they know their customers so well.

Except they probably don’t. Actually, smart companies spend a lot of time and energy measuring the measuring customer experience. They are looking at what they should be doing from the eyes of the consumer. This allows them to get out of their own heads. Savvy companies utilizing this strategy will be able to see a different perception of their brand. They can start to take an objective look at what they are doing and how it can be improved.

It is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are some tricks to help get even the most confident businesses ahead of their own curve. Below are three deployed strategies for managing the experience of being a shopper.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are great because they are cheap to implement and easy to dissect. It does not take a lot to create a customer survey and get it out there. This is why these things are everywhere. They are ubiquitous with customer measurements both online and in a retail space.


Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers are a little more difficult to implement, but they are extremely useful. They offer perhaps the greatest and most effective look at the customer measured experience. Mystery shoppers literally step in the eyes of the customer. They can offer direct answers to questions. Was it easy to find this product? Were they asked for help within one minute of entering the building?

Marketers can find a direct answer to their problems and concerns. It is a fantastic way to experience the customer’s viewpoint for a day. The can find well-rounded answers based on just a few mystery shoppers today.

Net Score

The net promoter score is one such way to look at the overall impression of a brand. Like online surveys, they are not always accurate in small numbers. But, when applied at a blanket level, they can begin to bring forward an overall pattern. This strategy is effective for the web space and with web design. Outside of this, it serves little immediate function.

Companies use this data to make smarter decisions. The decisions are based on the data retrieved from these practices. With them, the company gets better by having looked inside itself for a change.

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